Permanent Online Installations

WetPlateProject.com - Ongoing series of remote tintype created live over the Internet. Find photo locations on the map and watch footage from the photo sessions.

Masquerade - Series of eleven tintypes featuring iconography of the dollar bill. This collection explores the evolution of money from physical to digital, along with modern currency manipulation.

Debate Distortions - Forty-seven digital images created live during two events, the Oct 9th & Oct 19th 2016 Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Methods and hardware used include a desktop scanner, smartphone, camscanner apps, filters and photo editing software.

Plein Air - Ongoing series of plein air paintings. The majority are from locations in Southern California (San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties).

Double Exposure - Ongoing series of digital photographs documenting my life and inspiring places.

SDPC Challenge - Ongoing series of photographs inspired by the San Diego Photography Collective monthly photo challenge. Meetings are held at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. Every month a theme is revealed and members submit photos related to the theme.

Art Deconstructed - Ongoing series of digital images focused on art appreciation and deconstruction. All pieces begin as photographs of art that I find inspiring. They are manipulated using various means of digital abstraction until they become something new.

I Know It Eats You Up Inside - An Art Portfolio commemorating the life of Scott Weiland

Warmth - Series of 3 Abstract Photographs taken in 2009 on the Hawaiian Island of Kaui. facebook