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Contemporary Values by Robert Matheson

Contemporary Values

Size: Up to 20"x30"
Material:   Digital Photograph
Year: 2016

What can I say about Venice Beach? It's a must-see-to-believe California adventure. The ocean is amazing but it's the culture that defines it. Fun, strange, a bit dangerous at times. Most interesting to me is all the human expression. The people and art of Venice Beach are what makes it a spectacular place. You must experience it. When you go, or on your next trip, be sure to wander just south of the skate park. There you will find what I call Grafitti Beach. It's a place where street artists spraypaint everything in site. This image conveys it well. It's the Venice Beach landscape overlayed with empty spray paint cans in a nearby garbage can. A fun study of color and value. Some cans fade away into the distance while others leap forward due to their heavy saturation of color. The dark pattern of shadowed palms adds to the depth and chaos. I look forward to viewing this constantly changing outdoor exhibition very soon. February 23, 2016.

© Robert Matheson 2016. All rights reserved.