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Obscure Photograph by Robert Matheson

Obscure Photograph

Size: Up to 20"x30"
Material:   Digital Photograph
Year: 2016

The sun was setting behind Camera Obscura in Santa Monica. I was drawn to the scene because of it's retro look-and-feel. Primarily the pale greens and the mid-century architecture and typography. Shortly after returning to San Diego, I began reading the book Photography Art & Technique. I learned that the first known photograph ever was taken is believed to be View from the Window at Le Gras by Nicephore Niepce. I downloaded the an image of the original plate and overlayed it on the Camera Obscura building. Both being historical artifacts of photography as an art. Another image in this series is also inspired, in part, by NiƩpce (see View from the Window of Le Gras 2016). February 22, 2016.

© Robert Matheson 2016. All rights reserved.