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Race by Robert Matheson


Size: Up to 20"x30"
Material:   Digital Photograph
Year: 2016

This message was written on the wall next to the train tracks on Grape St. It was the first photo I took during a solo walk downtown on February 12, 2016. It made me stop and think about race and how it is used as a divisive force in modern society. Surely, billions of people have lived and died without race being an issue at all. Generations of entire societies have come and gone without ever encountering a person with a different color of skin, exposing the fact that race is merely a concept. An idealogy created by man to divide, discriminate and subjugate. A human trait, evolved from the fear of anything different. A fear that now requires education and empathy to overcome. A topic I plan to explore more fully in future works. February 16, 2016.

© Robert Matheson 2016. All rights reserved.