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Refugee Ribbon by Robert Matheson

Refugee Ribbon

Size: Up to 20"x30"
Material:   Digital Photograph
Year: 2015

This double exposure image was composed in Salt Lake City, UT on December 17th, 2015. All credit goes to Jean Richardson. Both photographs were taken while viewing Jean's Every Now and Then I Fall Apart multimedia installation at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. The first image is of her Life Jacket Blanket. The second image is a photo of rippling water taken from the video footage that was being projected on the wall. I immediately identified with her because we both have Scottish ancestry and both have ties to Utah (I lived there for 35 years, she's currently teaching at BYU). More importantly, I appreciate how she exploring and raising awareness about the dichotomy of displacement and belonging during a time when refugees are in crisis throughout the world. Whether she intended this or not, I don't know. To me, the manner in which the double negative process highlighted the yellow strap in a sea of life preservers created a simple visual cue to remember those in need.

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