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Brian's Wipeout Plein Air Painting by Robert Matheson

Brian's Wipeout

Size: 9"x12"
Material:   Oil on panel
Year: 2015

I remember this day very clearly. I was set-up on a cliffside in La Jolla. The ocean was very rough. Waves crashing one after the other into the cliffs. The sound was loud but not deafening. A cyclist stopped by, introduced himself as Brian, and sat down about 10 feet away. We chatted while I blocked in the scene. He explained how he regularly rides from downtown to La Jolla. He also told me that this area in Cuvier Park is also known as Wipeout Beach. A fabulous day painting! One that kicked off a much more deliberate style of brushwork for me. Hopefully I'll run into Brian again next time I paint in La Jolla. Saturday, September 30th, 2015.

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