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Books by Robert Matheson


Size: Up to 20"x30"
Material:   Digital Photograph
Year: 2016

This image was composed using photos found in the reference photo file cabinets on the 8th floor of the San Diego Central Library. What I found inspiring was not the photographs per se, but the amount of effort it must have taken by the curators to browse through all the source material, cut out the photos, label each one and sort them into folders for someone like me to use them later. There are hundreds of folders on every topic, full of photographs and prints. The analog version of google images, I suppose. I layered only the labeled corners to frame the word 'Books' while adjusting for composition and color.

I recieved many critiques at the SDPC meeting and I've implemented the suggestions below. Which is your favorite?

Rotate to horizontal layout for better readability: Books Alternate A by Robert Matheson Rotate 180 degrees so that the red focal area is in the top right quadrant: Books Alternate B by Robert Matheson Mirror the image for visual interest: Books Alternate C by Robert Matheson Convert to black & white except for the red focal area: Books Alternate D by Robert Matheson
© Robert Matheson 2016. All rights reserved.