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Latest Creation: Be Vigilant

Be Vigilant - Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas 70" x 62"

This work is currently on exhibit at the WHAM Festival in Walterboro, SC. The idea emerged from watching Dr. Ngozi Ezike give her daily Covid-19 report to the citizens of Illinois in late October. She became overwhelmed as she reported spiking numbers of infections across her state. Dr. Ezike was staring this national tragedy in the face and she knew it will not yield. Near the end of her report she states "We literally have people who are asymptomatic, meaning have no symptoms for the entire duration of their illness. And so, for those 7 or 8 days you may be shedding the virus, you are unknowingly, unwittingly infecting people in your path. People who may never know they were exposed to you but may come up with disease and maybe even be hospitalized, and worse, without ever knowing how they contracted this." She went on to say "We do have a choice. We can limit our gatherings. We can wear our masks. We can wash our hands. We can do these things so that we don't hurt those around us."

South Carolina, be vigilant.

Limited edition prints are available for a short time. The cost is $125 for a 20x24 giclee canvas print. To order, contact me at 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Newberry Arts Center to help provide sponsorships for young people who are learning to express themeselves through art.

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