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Newberry, South Carolina is my home. My community. My inspiration.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. My art journey began with the dream of becoming an architect and I pursued drafting for many years. While in college I stumbled upon a course in web design. It was a very exciting time. The internet was exploding and my passion for graphic design ignited with it. In a way, I did become an architect but not of brick-and-mortar. Instead, I built internet properties.

After a decade my passion began to fade. I was lost in the rat race. My happiness and well-being suffered tremendously. I burnt out trying to build the dreams of others instead of pursuing my own. So I decided to walk away. To pursue art full-time.

I began to paint and draw daily but something was missing. I left on a trip hoping to find inspiration. What I was looking for found me. I met two very important people who changed my life. One came to me through his art. Another through the voice of a fisherman, calling out from the sea. Each confirmed, in their own unique way, that my path to happiness must include love,kindness and creation. I have since learned that each piece of artwork I see is a lesson from another artist. A whisper in my ear that they understand the struggle we are all going through. Their work exists to inspire us all to express ourselves through art. There are invaluable gifts to be found while creating. Joy, contentment and satisfaction with life is all there. Waiting.

Forget any preconcieved notions. Disregard self-doubt. There is no right or wrong way to create art. There is only your way. Your path to happiness is your own. Your choice of medium - music, dance, literature, poetry, painting, sewing, whatever... Creating art will help you. I will help you.

Find a community where you feel comfortable expressing who you are. Where others support you. Where you can support others.

Newberry is my safe place to explore art. Perhaps it can be yours as well. All are welcome. Come create. Make friends. Feel happier. Live healther. Maybe stay forever.

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