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All About Newberry

After an exhaustive search for the right town to safely explore my art, I found Newberry. Actually, I should say Newberry opened it's arms to me.

You can find me in my studio located at 1213 Main St or the NFT Museum at 1110 Harrington. I am doing all I can to help improve the health and well-being of others through the arts. This includes encouraging to express themselves and providing safe spaces for them to feel comfortable creating.

My personal work expression of my emotions, surroundings, friendships, hopes and dreams realized through daily creation. This effort has manifest itself in multiple projects including materials experiments from objects given to me, collaborative work with other SC artists and plein air paintings inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Newberry County.

My latest experiment is the NFT Museum, a contemporary digital art museum focused on NFT art education, collaboration and exhibition.

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